About me

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, brought up to be a jazz musician. Snagged my dads Olympus OM-1 camera at age 10. Took pictures of my family.

Tried the academic world, Philosophy of Science, started writing on my dissertation at age 23, played jazz and took pictures after school (film days). Put academia on hold, pursued my passion of photography instead. Worked as an assistant. Traveled. Trained my sights.

Now I shoot products, food and portraits for clients across the country. I also do reportage and documentary photography.

I live in Gothenburg with my wonderful wife and two kids. Still take pictures of my family. Still curious. And still passionate about my work.

Partial Client List And Publications

ICA Reklam, Pfizer, Åhléns, The Compadres, Ottoboni, Sveriges Radio, Scandinavian Traveler (SAS), CBRE Sweden, Jarl Sandin, Chalmers, 2E Group, Qmatic, Camino, Ny Teknik, Life Science Sweden, GP TvåDagar, Aftonbladet, Härligt Hemma, OTW Media, Sport & Affärer, Live Life, Carlsson Bokförlag, Atlantis Bokförlag, Life, Hudikhus AB, Lund Nano Lab, MC2 Chalmers, Ångströmska Laboratoriet, KTH, Kagaku, Hot Disk, Thermetrol, Myfab, Norfab, Serendipity Innovations